Finding Your Voice academy is ….

A High-Performance Development Program for high potential leaders. The academy leverages the power of the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI®), Strong Interest Inventory (STI®) and Social + Emotional Intelligence Profile (SEIP®) tools.

The High-Performance Development (6 or 12-month options) program is flexible, creative, and effective program that are executed with individualized attention. We bring rich industry experience and advanced academic expertise to each engagement.

Benefits to Participants:

  • Practical. The program challenges participants to make specific improvements in their own performance after each and every meeting.
  • Measurable. The emphasis is on achieving measurable results on the job and for the organization, between meetings and throughout the program. That way, the participant and the entire organization benefits.
  • Emphasis on results. Unlike most programs that focus on how satisfied the participant was, our program tracks results achieved. Not just gains in skills – but actual results that each participant documents and that matters to the organization.
  • Powerful approach. The approach combines the best practices in coaching, peer support, facilitation, goal setting, accountability, setting goals and tracking progress, and a long-term program.
  • Flexible. You can adjust the program to bring in specific case studies, speakers, and projects directly from your own organization
Traditional Training Programs High-Performance Coaching Academy
Force feeding principles; one size must fit all Customized, dynamic learning
Emphasis on checking off learning points Emphasis on results and value
No follow up Follow up over time for sustained results
Bores high-performing managers to death Engaging and dynamic; designed with high-performers in mind
One approach: Training Hybrid approach of best practices: coaching, peer support, facilitation, case studies, accountability, results tracking, check-ins, manager involvement, and more
No way to measure ROI ROI is baked in from start to finish

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